Luminar Insight APP

A Deeper Dive Into Understanding the Hispanic Consumer

hispanic data appTo say Luminar understands the Hispanic consumer would be an understatement. We aggregate data from over 2,400 sources including the retail, finance and publishing sectors, both online and off.

Our team of data scientists is continually collecting data and developing unique data models based on our proprietary hypothesis and approach, and deep understanding of the Hispanic culture.

Based on this data, they present specific Hispanic nuances and trigger points, and provide insight into the who, what, where and how of the Hispanic consumer. Luminar Insight App research and analytics service is a web-based tool that helps companies better understand their customers and allows marketers to capitalize on this insight:

  • Interrogate the Insight APP system to identify key Hispanic behaviors as it relates to a product, category or trading area
  • Gain insight-driven knowledge, not just “best practices,” to identify the most profitable customers and target them regularly and more effectively
  • Leverage our research and analytics expertise and robust Hispanic modeling to improve deliverability and accuracy of attributes across diverse channels
  • Gain greater efficiencies to support marketing investment strategies

For more information and to speak with a Luminar representative, email us at or call 866-375-4224.