Customer Decision Engine

The Insight You Need to Make Actionable Marketing Decisions

Luminar loads your house file (i.e., transactional, structured or unstructured, POS, loyalty or product data) into our secure, private cloud environment. We then overlay that data with our Luminar analytical model, which consists of hundreds of Hispanic demographic, behavioral, lifestyle and expenditure data elements, to provide real-time insights on:

  • Statistical profiling and persona development
    • luminar customer decision engineProduct affinity
    • Purchase sequence
    • Campaign response by market, customer, product, offer, geography
    • Customer life stage and lifestyle
    • Lifetime value
  • Segmentation analysis
    • By market, customer, product, offer and geography
  •  Cross-reference data
    • Propose “what if” scenarios to better inform marketing decisions

Insights are further leveraged in the development of predictive models that consider such metrics as response, product affinity, risk and value. These models are used to score and rank prospects and allow you to more easily identify “look-alikes” and prospects with the highest propensity to re-purchase, reactivate, cross-sell and up-sell.

Bottom line: customer data integration provides the insight you need to produce highly targeted marketing to the Hispanic consumer — more efficiently, more easily.

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