Delivering Business Value

Not Just Insights

To say Luminar understands the Hispanic consumer would be an understatement. We aggregate data from over 2,000 sources including the retail, finance and publishing sectors, both online and off.

Our team of data scientists is continually collecting data and developing unique data models based on our proprietary hypothesis and approach, and deep understanding of the Hispanic culture.

Based on this data, we present specific Hispanic nuances and trigger points, and provide insight into the who, what, where and how of the Hispanic consumer.

Bottom line: Luminar provides the insight you need to produce highly targeted marketing to the Hispanic consumer — more efficiently, more easily.

For more information and to speak with a Luminar representative, email us at or call 866-375-4224.

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Meeting Your Data Marketing
and Analytics Needs


Big Data Technology Enablement

  • Evaluate current state of your technology and data environment
  • Determine the optimum technology capabilities to meet business needs
  • Solution roadmap based on objective view of your needs

Customer Insight Generation

  • Help convert scattered data sources into insights
  • Improve how insights is developed and leveraged across the organization
  • Assess your processes, practice and tools for managing analytics

Data Standartization & Hygiene

  • Help transform disparate data into usable data assets
  • Implement a framework to incoming/outgoing large data sets

Media Mix Modelling

  • Review sales impact of various marketing activities
  • Measure efficiencies and ROI for each marketing channel
  • Track where and how customers interact with different marketing touch points

Segmentation & Insights

  • Align client business needs to appropriate segmentation strategy
  • Apply attitudinal and behavioral segmentation to achieve a richer understanding of the value of your product or service

Targeting & Predictive Modeling

  • Leverage Luminar expertise in data, analytics and marketing strategy to accelerate targeting and revenue growth
  • Deliver model solutions for acquisition, growth, and retention through our modeling solutions

Share of Wallet Analysis

  • Tailor sales and marketing plans toward segments showing maximum growth potential
  • Apply cluster analysis identifying multi-dimensional groupings of ideal profitable customer segments