Luminar Solutions

Fine-tune Your Strategies For the Hispanic Market

From Luminar Insight APP to Data Hygiene & Integration, Luminar’s solutions allow clients to fine-tune their targeting and messaging strategies for the Hispanic market.

Our three areas of approach consist of data sources, data management and staging, and insights.

  • Big Data from various sources feeds into our Luminar “engine.”
  • Data is standardized to make it usable and allow our data scientists to generate statistical modeling.
  • Meaningful insights can be used by clients on a one-time, read-only basis, integrated into their information, or deployed in real time through a cloud.

Our solutions include:
Luminar Insight APP
Data Hygiene and Integration
Customer Decision Engine
Cloud Real-time Insights 

 Hispanic data flow chart

For more information and to speak with a Luminar representative, email us at or call 866-375-4224.