Analytics is at the Heart of Big Data

Posted By Oscar Padilla05/06/2013

Oscar Padilla 

I recently read a post on Brian Solis blog titled “Without Analytics, Big Data is Just Noise”. This could not be closer from the truth. We all know there’s a lot chatter on Big Data and the three “V” (volume, velocity variety) associated with its definition; but at the heart of big data, is the ability to carry out highly complex analytics of desperate data sources. Big Data on itself doesn’t provide the value, the key is to couple Big Data with advanced analytics in order generate valuable insights.


For example, we’re working on a particular financial application where we’re ingesting national sales data from multiple sources as well as other non-financial data streams. The challenge is not related to the volume or size of the data, but more so to the time it takes to produce the reports needed. This is mainly due to the fact of having to do multiple passes on the data running complex algorithms.  Although Bid Data is playing an important role in collecting, storing and deciphering the data; the challenge though is more related to having a high-performance analytics environment that can reduce latency and drastically cut reporting times.


That’s why I like the term Big Data Analytics because that’s really what it is. What does matter that we can accumulate hundreds of Terabytes of data if you can’t analyze it fast enough to act on it or make timely decisions?

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